#puppy face #he’s confused #she is comforting him #telling him that they are real #he wants her, he needs her so much #but he still thinks he is bad for her #the way he looks at her… you can see the passion in his eyes #and this proves how real they are, genuine #true love bro.

So what happened?

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The Vampire Diaries » Episodes Titles (part one)

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Why am I so afraid of the night?
My silhouette, it taunts me.

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You got a pool table.
Yeah I figured pool was a good outlet to put this pent-up energy that I seem to now have.

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Aw, thank you so much! ILY! 


One thing I gotta do
Is torch those sheets and pillows too,
Baby, I’m burning our bed.”

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just leave the figuring out part to someone human

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